SUKIYAKI (Ue wo muite arukou)

This is a place to enjoy several versions of my all-time favorite song, SUKIYAKI (Ue wo muite arukou).

Sukiyaki LYRICS



The greatest version IMO by KYU SAKAMOTO (RIP)


An instrumental version by BILLY VAUGHN


In German by the BLUE DIAMONDS


A rare version by BOB DYLAN


A rare instrumental version for solo electric guitar by CHET ATKINS


A romantic version in Spanish by TRIO LOS PANCHOS


A version in Chinese by an unknown artist


A pleasant version in Japanese by THE FOUR PREPS


In English in a version by LINDA TRANG DAI


In Japanese and English by Sami Kaneda


The world of Sukiyaki

This website is an excellent and comprehensive archive of MANY different audio and video recordings of Sukiyaki in various languages, including Ryuichi “Kyu” Sakamoto’s immortal version in Japanese:

I think the song is most beautiful in Japanese but it’s fun to hear it in German, Spanish, or Cambodian sometimes.  The files are downloadable.  Enjoy!