BENDUM: In the Heart of Mindanao

BENDUM: In the Heart of Mindanao (Anthony Collins, Producer/Writer/Editor)  is a 29 minute educational documentary television program intended for general audiences, students in schools and advocacy purposes worldwide.

This documentary examines a day in the life of a tribal community in the uplands of Mindanao, Philippines, that has struggled successfully to regain its ancestral land and identity in the destructive aftermath of commercialized logging.

The project was made possible with support from the Ford Foundation, a Fulbright Senior Scholar Research Grant, and other grant support. I was the Producer, Director and Editor of the program. I transported a complete system of professional media production equipment (Betacam SP system, Avid Media Composer workstation, etc) and produced a series of programs about environmental and social issues.

This documentary has been recognized in many film/video festivals worldwide. (2001) Winner: EarthVision Film Festival, Istanbul Documentary Festival, Cornell University Environmental Film Festival, others.