LEARNING UNIT 4 Dramatic conflict, actions and character motivations; turning points, the mid-point crisis, Aristotle’s Poetics and the three-act story structure

Assignment 6: Re-write a scene with two characters, including–EXT/INT, LOCATION, and TIME indicated at the top of scenes–three pages. Print your work in progress, as you wish, so we can share and discuss in class. One should always read and re-write the work to achieve greater clarity about the best direction forward. Just write with regularity and with your imagination as the main sources of inspiration. The objective of Creative flow can be a useful motivation for consistent, experiential writing.

How can I improve what I have written?

We can only improve our writing skills through reading and rewriting. Stop writing for a moment, then with some regularity you read the work out loud, sometimes recording audio if it helps you to study and respond as you rewrite; listen to the sound of your words then do a re-write, and then keep on going, ad infinitum until your story, scenes, characters, and structure are ready for scripting and formatting. The class is intended to support and encourage you in this creative journey.

Continue writing scenes and/or project descriptions, reading and listening to your work. reading the work of peers, editing and rewriting, pitching and presenting your vision, plan, and work as much as possible.