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Emmanuel Wood and Family

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Lonnie Robertson

Art Galbraith

Delbert Spray

Cyril Stinnet

Orville Yowell

MISSOURI FIDDLIN’ (A radio documentary by Bob Morgan and Anthony Collins)


ACTIVE LEARNING IN ARCHITECTURE (work in progress) is a 30-minute educational documentary about academic learning outside of the traditional classroom. Produced in Cairo, Egypt.

MINES TO VINES (work in progress) is a documentary about the transformation of land-mine areas to verdant vineyards, uplifting the daily life of local farmers. Produced in Shomali Plains, Afghanistan.

ECHOES OF THE OZARKS is a 30-minute documentary film about daily life, traditional music and dance, and the natural environment in the southern Missouri Ozarks. Narrated by Hal Holbrook. Funded by National Endowment for the Humanities, Arkansas Arts Council, Missouri Arts Council, and at the Andrew Norman Charitable Trust.

RIO DE LA PASION (The Passion River) is a 20 minute documentary about a family of homesteaders in the jungle forestlands of Peten, Guatemala.

“BENDUM: In the Heart of Mindanao” This 30-minute documentary examines a day in the life of a tribal community in the uplands of Mindanao, Philippines, struggling to successfully regain its identity and its ancestral lands in the destructive aftermath of commercialized logging.  Funded by Ford Foundation and Fulbright grants.

“DUBAI: WHERE THE FUTURE BEGINS” is an 8-minute video that promotes Dubai as a world-class destination for business, recreation, leisure, and family activities.  Produced by for the Dubai Department of Economic Development in 2009.

“BEFORE AND TODAY” is a 2-minute documentary about changes in daily life for two Lumad women in Mindanao, Philippines.  Funded by Ford Foundation and Fulbright grants.

A LUMAD PRAYER in Bendum, Philippines is a 3-minute video that examines the meaning of “progress” from the perspective of Lumad people in the uplands of Mindanao.  Funded by Ford Foundation and Fulbright grants.

TODAY in BENDUM: What is Local Community Resource Management?” is 4-minute video documentary that questions “what is local community resource management?” by showing examples of daily life in Bendum, located in the upland forests of Mindanao, Philippines.  Funded by Ford Foundation and Fulbright grants.

“A FAMILY SCHOOL: Sharjah English School in the United Arab Emirates” This 10-minute informational video describes the benefits of Sharjah English School for those seeking a high-quality British education in Sharjah in the northern United Arab Emirates.

“FOR THOSE OF US AT THE BORDERS: Recognition and Evaluation of Creative Work by Faculty” This is a 30 minute Final Oral Review (FOR) presentation about my Doctoral Dissertation.

The Doctoral Dissertation and its Abstract in text form are available HERE