Joni Mitchell, “The Circle Game”

I admit it—I have always been in love with Joni Mitchell.  Of course, I have never met her but I know I would love her more if I ever did.  I do know that I love so many of the songs she has written and recorded, and the way she plays and tunes the acoustic steel-string guitar, and the sound of her voice.  Of course, I also love her beauty–and wow! Oh YEAH, and her paintings too!  What a woman!

I was searching for a very nice live performance combo of “The Circle Game† and found this combo video of “Both Sides Now†and “The Circle Game.† I thought it was useful from a guitar-player’s POV so i could see the chords, fingerings, and presumed tunings she used.

I have always dreamed that she and Richie Havens would perform together and make a music video of The Circle Game.  Sounds like my next project as a Producer—-Music for TV.


This link is good too:

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