Missouri Fiddlin’: A Digital Multimedia Archive of Old Time Music in Missouri

Missouri Fiddlin’ is an interactive digital multimedia Archive of old time fiddle music from all around Missouri, particularly for music in the southwestern Missouri Ozarks. Fiddlers, guitarists, and other musicians were documented in the 1980s by producing audio recordings, photographs, film, and videos.

The analog elements produced by Tony Collins and RL Bob Morgan in 1980-1984. Digital transfer, some editing, and website development commenced in 2021 and continues until now.


Arnold Belnick (1922-2015) was a brilliant concert violinist with a long and successful career as a professional studio musician in Los Angeles. He continued his joy for the violin by teaching into his 90’s. This website is intended to honor his memory and career as a musician.

Demetrius Constantine Dounis, Age 20
Demetrius Constantine Dounis, Age 20

W C Dounis: Violin Pedagogy

W C Dounis was a medical doctor and master violin teacher who wrote several instructional books about violin-playing. Dounis emphasized the importance of shifting and finger exercises. These pedaagogics were intended to develop the musician's mental map at the beginning of practice, after which scale drills would be more effective.

Worker’s Songs in Pakistan (Coming Soon)


Old Time Church Music in Missouri Ozarks

This digital multimedia archive is a collection of 200 + old time church hymes.  These tunes were performed by Lonnie, Thelma, and Jarret Robertson in churches throughout the Ozarks and beyond as the toured throughout the country.


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