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Rat Beach, California
Rat Beach, California

I have received international acclaim for more than 20 films, videos, and digital media productions. My professional and creative works have been exhibited, broadcast, and distributed in more than 10 countries.

Notable achievements in filmmaking include grants from the Ford Foundation (1998, 1999), Fulbright Comission (1998, 2013, 2017, 2022), National Endowment for the Humanities Grant (1986), Al Larvick Community Fund (2021), Missouri State University (2021 & 2022), Library of Congress (2022), and many others.

Afghanistan, 2006
Afghanistan, 2006
Cañon de Guadalupe, Mexico
Cañon de Guadalupe, Mexico

As a professional filmmaker I have collaborated creatively with many community-based groups (NGOs) in various countries for higher education, environmental and social justice, and the alleviation of poverty. These countries include the Philippines, Thailand, India, Oman, Afghanistan, Guatemala, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Puerto Rico.

I was producer, director/camera, writer, and/or editor of the film, video, and digital multi-media projects.

Rub al Khali, Oman
Rub al Khali, Oman


I am writing a screenplay for a feature-length motion picture about Richard Byrd's expedition in 1934 to Antarctica. Byrd spent 5-months while alone in Antarctica. Richard Byrd was one of the world's foremost aviators and displayed extraordinary gifts in organizing successful expeditions to Antarctica. His major achievement was to apply the airplane, radio, camera, and other modern technical resources to these polar explorations. This is a story of friendship, sacrifice, and commitment to a cause.

Documentary Filmmaking Workshop in Pakistan

In September-October 2022 I received a Fulbright Specialist Grant to teach and consult in Documentary Filmmaking at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi, Pakistan.  Please see the creative work from the Workshop.

"Granny, Will Your Dog Bite?" Old time fiddle music in Southwest Missouri 2022.

"Granny, Will Your Dog Bite" is a short video about old time fiddle music in SW Missouri in 2022.  Funded by Library of Congress, Missouri State University Ozarks Studies Institute and

The video documentary includes performances and conversations with key person in the history and culture of Missouri fiddle music including Prof Howard Marshall, Prof Tom Peters, Gordon McCann, and many others.

RL Bob Morgan and I produced the audio recordings and analog photographs in the Missouri Fiddlin' Digital Mutlimedia Archive during our trip to Missouri in 1980.  I produced the videos and 16mm film in 1981-84. In 2022 I began the process of digitizing the collection of work and website building.

New Project

Missouri Fiddlin’ is a digital archive of field research done in the 1980s by Tony Collins.  The research is about old-time fiddle music in Missouri. The Archive includes original audio and video recordings, photographs, film, and other digital media. has received funding support from Library of Congress and Missouri State University Library, and additional funds are sought for web-based professional services, new videography in Missouri, and other related costs.

Alone: The Story of Richard Byrd is a research and screenplay-writing project.  Alone is based on Byrd's autobiographical work, Alone, and explores his personal experience in Antarctica.  This is a story of courage, commitment, failure, selflessness, and transformation. seeks support for research at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, at the Byrd Polar Archives.  The specific purpose is to examine radiographic communications between Bryd and the outside world.  The expected outcome of this research is a screenplay for a feature film.

In 2022 I received a Fulbright Specialist Grant to teach, consult and produce documentary video in Pakistan.  I will teach and consult at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture.  Additionally, during my trip to Pakistan, I will produce a 30-minute documentary that examines a day in the life of a priest in Hyderabad who serves a community of indentured servants. is seeking support for this educational documentary video project.


Church Music From Southern Missouri

Please leave a comment about the Archive in the section below.


Echoes of the Ozarks 1988/2022

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This is a 2K restoration of a 30-minute documentary about daily life, old time music and dance, and social change for a community in the southern Missouri Ozarks. The project was funded by National Endowment for the Humanities, Missouri Arts Council, and Arkansas Arts Council. Anthony Collins was writer, producer, and editor of the project. The film was produced in 1986 with restoration in 2022.

Bendum: In the Heart of Mindanao Philippines

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This 30-minute video documentary examines a day in the life of tribal community in the uplands of Mindanao, Philippines, Struggling to successfully regain its identity and its ancestral lands in the destructive aftermath of commercialized logging. Funded by Ford Foundation and Fulbright Senior Scholar Research grants.  Produced in the Philippines 1998-2000.

Rio De La Passion: Homesteaders in Peten, Guatemala

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(The passion River) is a 16mm documentary film about a family of homesteaders in the jungle forestlands of peten, Guatemala. produced in 1984 Digital remaster 2021. 20 Minutes.

EMANUEL WOOD’s WORLD: A View from Ozark, Missouri

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The 30-minute video is a discussion with Emanuel Wood talking about life as he plays the fiddle and the banjo while sitting outside in his cabbage patch.

Dubai: Where the Future Begins

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This is an 8-minute video that promotes Dubai as a world-class destination for business, recreation, leisure, and family activities. Produced by for the Dubai Department of Economic Development in 2009.

CYRIL STINNETT: Left-handed fiddle champion from NW Missouri

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This 61-minute video is a one-on-one conversation with Cyril and his fiddle in his farmhouse in the prairielands of NW Missouri.

Before and Today in Bendum, Philippines

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This is a 2-minute documentary about changes in daily life for two Lumad women in Mindanao, Philippines. Funded by Ford Foundation and Fulbright grants. Produced in Mindanao, 1998-2000.

A Lumad Prayer in Bendum, Philippines

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This is a 3-minute video that examines the meaning of “progress” from the perspective of Lumad people in the uplands of Mindanao. Funded by Ford Foundation and Fulbright grants.

What is Local Community Resource Management?

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This is a 4-minute video documentary that questions “what is local community resource management?” by showing examples of daily life in Bendum, located in the upland forests of Mindanao, Philippines. Funded by Ford Foundation and Fulbright grants.

EMANUEL WOOD and FAMILY: Green Valley Waltz

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This short video is a performance of Green Valley Waltz.

EMANUEL WOOD and FAMILY: Music-making at home

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This 30-minute video shows the Emanuel Wood family practicing music-making at home.

EMANUEL WOOD and FAMILY: Streak o’Fat and a Streak o’Lean

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This short video is a performance of Streak o'Fat and a Streak 0'Lean

A Family School: Sharjah English School, United Arab Emirates

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This 10-minute promotional video describes the benefits of Sharjah English School for those seeking a high-quality British education in Sharjah in the northern United Arab Emirates.

Action Learning in Architecture: Cairo, Egypt (in progress)

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University faculty and students study Architecture in the streets of Old Cairo, Egypt. WORK IN PROGRESS. 2001. (29 mins)

Mines to Vines: Shomali Plains, Afghanistan (work in progress)

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Mines To Vines is a work in progress video documentary about the transformation of land mine areas to verdant vineyards, uplifting the daily life of local farmers. Produced in Shomali Plains, Afghanistan. Produced in 2006.

Beethoven in the Age of Napoleon: The Sequoia String Quartet and Dr. Robert Winter (UCLA, 1982).

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This lecture-performance video focuses on the Beethoven String Quartet Op. 59 #2, movements 1 and 2

Animation from UCLA Days (1986)

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This is a sample reel I did in the 1980s as a student at UCLA School of Film and TV.

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