RL "Bob" Morgan

October 29, 1954 - July 12, 2012

The Morgan family asks those interested in making a donation to the college educations of Bob and Eve's daughters Annika and Julia to send a check made out to "Bob Morgan Kids College Fund". Be sure to include the account #6027180 on the check in the memo section. Mail a check to:
Olympia, WA 98507

or you can mail a check directly to Eve Perara at:

Department of Chemistry
Attention: Eve Perara
University of Washington
Box 351700
Seattle, WA 98195-1700

Alternatively, you can make a donation to the Mercy Corps
in the name of RL "Bob" Morgan by checking "This gift is in honor or memory of someone".

In recognition of the many years of Bob's leadership in IT for Higher Education and generally, the community who loved and respected Bob so much, attempted to acknowledge his many contributions by presenting him with the Internet2 President's Leadership Award on April 24, 2012.

 Video (2.5 minutes)    David Lambert, President & CEO of Internet2, presenting the award to Bob.
Believed to be the only time Bob was on stage, front and center, and never spoke.

The plaque given to him reads:

Given in gratitude to

RL "Bob" Morgan

For exceptional global leadership in the evolving world of digital identity. For keen vision and acuity in enabling new paradigms and services of enduring benefit to global research, education and beyond. For mentorship and personifying the essence of
true collaboration and membership in Internet2 and InCommon.

April, 2012

His professional life in Information Technology was filled with leadership, design and lots of hard work.  Just some of the things he has done in the Identity and Architecture space (in no particular order):

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  • A founder of the InCommon Federation (involved in nearly every aspect of creating and developing the federation and the concepts of federation)
  • Co-Chair of InCommon Technology Advisory Committee
  • Chair of MACE (Middleware Architecture Committee for Education)
  • Senior Technology Architect, Computing and Communications at University of Washington
  • Bread Baker's Guild of America
  • Internet2 Middleware Initiative
  • National Science Foundation Middleware Initiative (a primary lead, key contributor and definer of new terminology)
  • co-creator of Shibboleth
  • InCommon CAMP & Advanced CAMP (leader, presenter, contributor)
  • IETF (working groups: ldapext, SASL, PKIX, TLS, ASID, KRB-wg), his specific RFC contributions
  • Internet Society
  • Directories (particularly for use in Higher Education)
  • MACE Grouper Project
  • MACE Signet Project (deprecated)
  • fping, versions 2.x
  • Bob's EDUCAUSE Biography and related body of work
  • Google Tech Talk, Sept 2007 (Bob and Ken) Internet Scale Identity, Collaboration, and Higher Education
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