I am writing a screenplay for a feature-length motion picture about Richard Byrd's expedition in 1934 to Antarctica.  Byrd spent 5-months while alone in Antarctica. Richard Byrd was one of the world's foremost aviators and displayed extraordinary gifts in organizing successful expeditions to Antarctica. His major achievement was to apply the airplane, radio, camera, and other modern technical resources to these polar explorations. This is a story of friendship, sacrifice, and commitment to a cause.

During 1997-2000 I produced a 30-minute documentary video titled, "Bendum: In the Heart of Mindanao" while on location in Mindanao (writer-researcher, camera director, and editor). I was awarded a Fulbright Senior Scholar Research Grant in 1998, a couple of Ford Foundation grants (1998-99), and other support from corporate manufacturers of pro equipment for documentary media production to develop and produce educational documentary projects about a tribal community's relationship to the natural environment at the Pulangi River, Bukidnon, Philippines. In 1997, with grant support from many sources, I moved my filmmaking gear (production and post production systems), my family, and myself to Mindanao, Philippines, without knowing what exactly what my project's journey would explore or when I would come back to the USA.  I worked in Mindanao for nearly three years on this and other video-digital media-research-writing projects.

Thereafter, during 2001-2009 I wrote various versions of a scholarly paper about my documentary, "Bendum," in response to my documentary filmmaking experience in Mindanao a few years prior. The paper on this site examines my film in relation to my scholarly doctoral research in Education, written in 2009. 

In 2022 I am producing a hypertext version of this research, integrating audio and video elements with text content.

These are instructions about breathing for the purpose of relaxation. This art installation project was produced and exhibited at the College of Fine Arts and Design, University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, in 2007.

A short essay about alternative and creative forms of scholarly work.


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