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Request for Donations

Inner Ear Productions ( is a California-based nonprofit organization (501c3) that develops, produces and disseminates creative and educational digital multimedia for the benefit of students and general audiences worldwide. has interest in a broad range of areas, including:

  • Education that integrates technologies
  • World music and culture
  • Natural environment
  • Social issues
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For more than 30 years has acted as a strategic partner for many NGOs and other collaborators worldwide.

In 2022, is working on educational projects k in the USA (Missouri) and Karachi, Pakistan. is seeking support for its broad range of work through

  • Individual Donations
  • Grants
  • Corporate Sponsorships
  • Trade
  • Media Production Consultancy & Services
  • In-kind Donations
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All donations to Inner Ear Productions  are fully tax-deductible under IRS Section 501c3 and will be used to serve the organization's educational mission.

Inner Ear Productions Federal ID: 95-3883723.

Donations are gratefully appreciated.  With your support our aim is to bring more creative goodness to this world.

Current Projects

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MAIL-ORDER BRIDES? is an historical documentary, shot in the Philippines and USA during 1993.

Editing and study guide development are ongoing in 2024.

This historical documentary explores the complex phenomenon of pen pal marriage between Filipinas and American men in the early 1990s.

A new documentary about the married couples in the documentary is in development, to be paired with the current work.

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Missouri Fiddlin’ is a digital archive of field research about old-time fiddle music in Missouri. The Archive includes original audio and video recordings, photographs, film, and other digital media. has received funding support from Library of Congress and Missouri State Univ Library. Funds are sought for web-based professional services, new videography in Missouri, and other related costs.

Alone: The Story of Richard Byrd is a research and screenplay-writing project.  Alone is based on Byrd's autobiographical work, Alone, and explores his personal experience in Antarctica.  This is a story of courage, commitment, failure, selflessness, and transformation. seeks support for research at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, at the Byrd Polar Archives.  The specific purpose is to examine radiographic communications between Bryd and the outside world.  The expected outcome of this research is a screenplay for a feature film.

In 2022 I received a Fulbright Specialist Grant to teach, consult and produce documentary video in Pakistan.  I will teach and consult at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture.  Additionally, during my trip to Pakistan, I will produce a 30-minute documentary that examines a day in the life of a priest in Hyderabad who serves a community of indentured servants. is seeking support for this educational documentary video project.

This digital multimedia archive is a collection of 200 + old time church hymns. These tunes were performed by Lonnie, Thelma, and Jarret Robertson in churches throughout the Ozarks and beyond as the toured throughout the country.

“A Diamond in the Rough” will take us inside homes and into personal lives of four ambitious and hard-working young Pakistanis. We see the impact of baseball on their individual lives. This documentary is conveying a positive message about Pakistan and its warm, sharp-focused and humble people—in direct contrast to previous, highly-negative media portrayals of daily life of Pakistanis.

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