“A Diamond in the Rough: Baseball in Pakistan for Women and Men”

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Executive Summary

  • Development, production and editing of a 50-minute feature documentary about organized women’s and men’s baseball titled, “A Diamond in the Rough: Baseball in Pakistan for Women and Men”
  • Potentially excellent ROI within a two-year period, due to domestic and foreign sales, international theatrical revenues, and DVD sales/rentals
  • Seeking US$250,000 in funding for project completion costs including:
  • Writing and research in USA and Pakistan
  • Location Production in Lahore, Pakistan
  • Post-production editing in Lahore, Pakistan
  • Additional post-production completion in USA
  • Project is administered by a nonprofit/tax-exempt Corporation in California and all contributions are fully tax exempt under US laws
  • The project is intended for general audiences and students in schools. (ITVS, ESPN, others)
  • Project advocates for an underserved audience(s), and is unique in contrast to previous media documentary and news programs about Pakistan and its people
  • Market interest for this project will be global, where there is an interest in the promotion of international baseball.
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Project Synopsis: Creative Vision

…Imagine the interweaving of individual stories of young athletes as in HOOP DREAMS, meeting a young brilliant young woman named MALALA playing baseball on a team with other exceptional Pakistani women, like the camaraderie we see in THE LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN.

…Imagine a young man (Syed Ali Shah) from humble beginnings Pakistan who wins a life-changing scholarship to play baseball at an HBCU in Arkansas, USA. Syed attends college and is playing baseball at this time.

...imagine a young Pakistani woman with a love of sports from the urban congestion of Lahore, finding new opportunities for herself as a coach, mentor, and teacher for other girls because of her experience with baseball.

There will be 4-5 of these personal stories in the documentary, “A Diamond in the Rough: Baseball in Pakistan for Women and Men.” Young Pakistani women and men happily pursuing their dreams. They struggle to improve, learn, and play the game of baseball while co-existing with the national pastime of cricket, with conservative Islam that is expressed in daily life, and with other issues that face people in the megalopolis of Lahore (urban poverty, air pollution, population density, more).

“A Diamond in the Rough” will take us inside homes and into personal lives of four ambitious and hard-working young Pakistanis. We see the impact of baseball on their individual lives.

This documentary is conveying a positive message about Pakistan and its warm, sharp-focused and humble people—in direct contrast to previous, highly-negative media portrayals of daily life of Pakistanis.

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Project Synopsis: Documentary Elements

“A Diamond in the Rough: Baseball in Pakistan for Women and Men” will include:

  • live action sequences of processes and interactions shot on location in the Lahore-area
  • interviews with key persons in the film’s story
  • archival photographs and film footage
  • motion graphics, illustrations, and maps
  • voice-over narration in English and Urdu
  • subtitles, and music

Project Synopsis: Background and context

The history of baseball in Pakistan for both women and men is relatively recent and has experienced significant growth in recent years. This documentary will explore the timeline and key milestones for both genders. Overall, the history of baseball in Pakistan for both men and women showcases the progress and dedication of athletes, coaches, and organizations in popularizing and advancing the sport. While the journey is ongoing, the growing interest and participation in baseball bode well for its future in Pakistan

Project Synopsis: Impact

“A Diamond in the Rough: Baseball in Pakistan for Women and Men” is a documentary that facilitates learning about four young Pakistanis and the people close to them as baseball players. The film will show the impact of baseball in their daily lives, and the sport’s quietly emerging role in Pakistan’s social fabric. I want to show baseball and the realities of daily life in Lahore for "normal" folks---examining aspirations and conveying a positive message about Pakistan and its warm people—--in direct contrast to previous media portrayals of daily life in Pakistan.

Project Personnel

Dr. E Anthony Colins (Tony), Project Director/Producer and Writer
I am a documentary filmmaker, teacher, and musicologist with significant professional experience in all aspects of educational media production and research. I specialize in "observational" style video, and I do this by observing and listening---conveying an authentic sense of “a day in the lives” of the subject. As a filmmaker, I seek deep and meaningful expression on camera through interviews, and by documenting daily processes and interactions with audio and video. Please see my website for a complete portfolio of previous work in documentary filmmaking, teaching, and musicology.

WEBSITE: https://anthonycollinsfilm.com/)

Syed Shah, leader of the Pakistan Baseball Federation (son founder of PBA) in Lahore, Pakistan. Syed is the main liaison to project participants including the women and men athletes and others in Lahore and beyond.

Ali Raza, Line Producer, Cinematech, Pakistan.
Randy Schmidt, CBS News, Advisor/Remote, Location Producer. In 2006, Randy joined CBS News as a cameraman-editor, based in Tokyo though covering all of Asia with over six months of international travel each year to China, South Korea, North Korea, India, Bhutan, Indonesia, Nepal, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, etc. With subject matter ranging from hard news stories to cultural features and natural disasters, Randy shoots, edits, and produces TV news pieces for “CBS Evening News,” “CBS Mornings,” “60 Minutes,” and “CBS Sunday Morning.” A 2022 Emmy winner as a cameraman-editor, Randy has covered such major assignments as Japan’s 2011 earthquake-tsunami-meltdown, US Presidential trips to Asia, nine assignments inside North Korea, the COVID pandemic, and the Nagano 1998, Beijing 2008, Tokyo 2020, Pyeongchang 2018, and Beijing 2022 Olympics.

WEBSITE: https://vimeo.com/showcase/9693255

Hypothetical Investment Return

  • First payout goes to investors until 120% of the investment is recouped.
  • After 120% recoupment, the net profit is split 50/50 between the investors and the production company. The 50% production company split consists of percentages given to the director, producers, actors, actresses, writer, etc.
  • On the investment side, your individual investment reflects the percentage of the film you own.

Hypothetical Investment Return: Distribution

This feature documentary project is intended for general audiences and students in schools. The film's story looks at young people and their up close and personal relationships, hopes, goals, and dreams in relation to baseball. The mandate of ITVS is to serve an underserved audience so a proposal for international funding will be pursued there. The documentary promotes baseball in the south Asia and MENA regions. This documentary will be of interest where there international baseball exists

Risk Management Details
Please contact me if you have questions or wish to discuss this proposal further.