Obama’s triggers for bombing Iran

A military skirmish or war would be a horrid turn of events, in my view.

The US (its government and the general majority of its population) is truly ignorant and arrogant about Iran and most of what Iran represents.  In this sense I am referring to the cultural history of Iran, and Islamic belief as practiced in Iran.  The militarization and subsequent marginalization of the Islamic Republic in Iran by the “West†is troubling no matter how one is positioned.  But–With troops out of Iraq and a proposed decrease of troop presence in Afghanistan then will the voracious war beast advocates in the USA will be able to satisfy their blood lust in Iran?

I hope that all of the story (link below) is proven to be moot and not a true picture of the future.  For me, it is worth noting what are the “red lines†fro the US POV (I do not know what are the Israeli’s red lines, if any) and watching and hoping that there are no perceived Iranian “breaches†of any kind.  The bad news is that it seems that minds in Washington are already made up and the decision has been made.  They are just waiting for the line to be crossed.

Here is a very interesting article that speculates about future scenarios where the US is bombing Iran:


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