Expressivity questions-prompts

Students are asked by the instructor to respond in writing to the questions and statements below. The only instruction given is to not write in complete sentences, but to respond in three-, four-, or five-word phrases. If a particular question does not interest you, or if nothing occurs to you, then write something else. The bottom line is to keep writing while you are thinking.

  1. What do you hear if you are in a car and it is raining outside?
  2. What do you feel if you are standing outside?
  3. Describe the odor of gasoline.
  4. What sounds do you hear if you are walking with heavy boots in deep
    snow? (Don’t use the word ‘crunch’.)
  5. What does hair feel like? Anybody’s hair.
  6. Describe the texture of skin. Feel it.
  7. How would you describe fear? If you’ve never been afraid, don’t
    answer. If you have, you don’t have to answer either, unless you want to.
  8. Describe the odor of freshly cut grass.
  9. Describe the sensation of placing an ice cube against your lips.
  10. Is then a particular odor in the air before a rainfall? Describe it.
  11. Describe the taste of a hot chili.
  12. If your hand slides across a piece of silk, what sensation do you feel?
  13. If you were to walk barefoot along a beach of pebbles, what would you
  14. What does your hand feel like?
  15. What does someone else’s hand feel like?
  16. Describe the taste of salt.
  17. Describe the flight of a seagull at sunset.
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