Missouri Fiddlin’

I am reviving an old project from the 1980s—old time fiddle musicianship in the southwest Missouri Ozarks.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s I was passionate about fiddle playing from the POV of a musician, filmmker, and ethnomusicologist. I studied the individual musicianship and made field recordings of several old time fiddlers in Missouri. I shot 16mm film, video, and some photos, plus I made a broad range of high quality recordings.


PHOTO: Emmanuel Wood and Family, 1981.

I am in the process of digitizing these elements and seeking funding to get all of the recordings available online.

1) I would be so happy if you will take the time to watch Echoes of the Ozarks — a 30 minute documentary I produced in 1984 in Ava, MO.  The film was funded by NEH and others.  Your input is welcome

2) I would also be happy if you will listen to the short radio documentary Missouri Fiddlin’.  This 15 minute audio documentary will give you an idea of the quality and nature of the recordings. NOTE: The radio documentary is followed by original recordings (more than 35 minutes) of various fiddlers. RIP Bob Morgan.

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