Since the earliest days of the first pioneers, the southwest Missouri Ozarks region is characterized by a strong presence of old-time churches, reflecting the religious and cultural values of local communities.

Many denominations have had a presence in the Ozarks, including Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, and others.

Churches have long played a central role in the lives of Ozarks' communities, providing not only spiritual guidance but also serving as social and community centers.


Old-time church services in the Ozarks often involved a mix of preaching, singing of hymns, prayer, and testimonies.

The music was typically traditional and included hymns and spiritual songs. These hymns were often sung a cappella or accompanied by simple instruments such as the guitar or piano.



Please explore the beautiful 140+ church hymns on this page.  These tunes were collected by Lonnie and Thelma Roberson as they performed professionally throughout in churches and radio services throughout the region during the 1930s-1950s.

These hymn-books were digitized, the sheet music sampled, and the web page built in 2023.  Enjoy and imagine the past through this music.

Special thanks to the Lonnie and Thelma Robertson family, Diana Robertson, Tara Robertson, Dr. Kathleen Hood, Caden Potter, Mike @ DigitalArtsPlus.com





A Beautiful Life (Book1.5)
A Place for Him (Book3.31)
After the Sunrise (Book2.31)
An Empty Mansion (Book1.2)
An Old Account Settled (Book1.18)
An Old Log Cabin for Sale (Book1.42)
Are you Washed in the Blood (Book1.19)
Asleep in Jesus (Book3.49)
At the Fountain (Book3.56)
At the Meeting in the Sky (Book2.25)


Bearing the Cross to Win the Crown(Book3.15)
Beyond the Sunset (Book3.40)
Bless the Lord, O My Soul (Book3.2)


Came Into My Heart to Stay (Book2.23)
Christ is Risen (Book2.19)


Dreaming of a Little Cabin (Book2.11)
Drifting from Home and Lost (Book1.24)
Drifting too Far from Shore (Book1.25)
Dying from Home and Lost (Book2.24)


Farther Along (Book1.30)


Gathering Flowers for the Master(Book3.38)
Getting Ready to Leave This World (Book2.22)
Give Me Your Hand (Book1.47)
Give Them Roses Now (Book3.50)
Gladness and Glory (Book2.16)


He Knows (Book3.27)
He is my Friend (Book3.58)
He Whispers Sweet Peace (Book2.36)
He Will Come Again (Book1.37)
He Will Set your Fields On (Book1.16)
Hear the Call (Book3.37)
Her Mansion Is Higher than Mine(Book1.32)
His Tender Love (Book3.43)
Hold Fast to the Right (Book1.31)
Hold to God’s Unchanging (Book1.15)
Hold to His Hand (Book1.21)
Home of the Soul (Book3.54)


I Am Going (Book2.41)
I am Praying for You (Book1.51)
I Believe the Story (Book2.28)
I Feel the Need of Mother’s Prayer(Book2.26)
I Firmly Promise you (Book3.28)
I Found It in Mother’s Bible (Book3.14)
If We Never Meet Again (Book3.12)
I Have Found the Way (Book1.22)
I Heard My Mother Call My Name in Prayer(Book1.5)
I Know My Lord Will Lead the Way(Book3.30)
I Know Somebody’s Listening (Book1.35)
I Want to Be Faithful (Book2.14)
I’d Rather Be an Old Time Christian(Book2.5)
I’d Rather Have Jesus (Book2.46)
If I Could Hear My Mother (Book1.34)
If We Never Meet Again (Book3.12)
I’ll Be Listening (Book1.44)
I’ll Have a New Life (Book1.36)
I’ll Make Heaven My Home (Book2.43)
I’ll Meet you in the Morning (Book1.34)
It’s An Unfriendly World (Book1.42)
I’m Going Home (Book3.29)
I’m Keeping the Promise (Book3.32)
I’ve Found a Hiding Place (Book1.54)
I Miss Dear Mother and Dad (Book3.21)
It’s a Mighty Hard Road to Travel(Book2.18)
In the Shadow of the Cross (Book3.1)
Is It Well with Your Soul? (Book3.39)
It is the Hour of Prayer (Book3.47)
I Want to Be Faithful (Book3.8)
I Want to Live Right (Book3.34)
I Would Not Be Denied (Book3.54A)
I’ve Had an Introduction (Book3.42)


Jesus Hold My Hand (Book1.31)
Jesus Is All the World to Me (Book3.45)
Jesus Opened Up the Way (Book2.39)
Just a Little Talk with Jesus (Book2.40)
Just Over the Gloryland (Book1.39)


Kneel at the Cross (Book1.20)


Let Me Travel (Book2.30)
Life’s Sunshine (Book3.41)
Lord Lead Me On (Book2.32)


Mother’s Prayer (Book2.37)
My Old Cottage home (Book1.9)


Nobody Answered Me (Book1.7)
No Tears in Heaven (Book3.5)


O Mother How We Miss You (Book1.45)
Oh! How I’ll Sing (Book3.33)
O the Glory Did Roll (Book3.22)
Only On Step More (Book1.4)


Precious Memories (Book1.10)


Remember Me (Book2.4)
Revive us Again (Book2.47)
Row Me Over the Tide (Book1.11)


Shake Mother’s Hand for me (Book1.3)
Sleep, Mother Sleep (Book1.13)
Some Glad Day (Book3.36)


The Blessed One Leads (Book2.32)
The City Where Come No Strife(Book3.44)
The Blood that Stained the Old Rugged Cost (Book3.6)
The Gloryland Way (Book1.26)
The Great Physician (Book3.25)
The Old Country Church (Book1.26)
The Old Church Choir (Book2.1A)
The Old Gospel Ship (Book1-A)
The Old Home Place (Book1.41)
The Prayers of My Mother (Book2.27)
There’s a Beautiful Home (Book3.26)
There’s a Little Pine Log Cabin(Book2.38)
They Have Gone (Book1.33)
They Were Singing Love Songs(Book3.8)
This Life is Hard to Understand (Book1.49)
Turn Your Radio On (Book1.38)


We Shall Have Glory Afterwhile(Book1.52)
We Shall Meet Some Day (Book3.10)
We’ll See the King Some Day (Book3.35)
What Would You Do? (Book2.53)
What Would You Give In Exchange(Book1.6)
What Would You Do (Book1.53)
When All of God's Singers Get Home(Book2.17)
When I Reach that City (Book2.2)
When the Boys Come Sailing (Book1.28)
When the Saints Go Marching (Book1.29)
When the World’s On Fire (Book1.17)
When We Walk the Streets (Book2.48)
When We Walk the Streets of Gold (Book1.48)
Where Could I Go? (Book1.43)
Where No Cabins Fall (Book3.57)
Where the Soul Never Dies (Book1.27)
Who At My Door Is Standing(Book3.24)
Will You Miss Me? (Book1.47A)
Will My Mother Know Me (Book3.3)
Will Some One Care (Book3.29A)
Won’t It Be Wonderful There (Book1.8)
Why Not Make Heaven Your Home(Book2.42)
Working for the Master (Book2.29)


You’ll Be My Closest Neigbor(Book2.40)
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